Foster an Animal

Thank you for supporting the park by fostering one of our animals, either as a gift for a loved one, or for yourself!

Please note that animal fostering is symbolic; our animals don’t leave the park! This is your way to help us care for your favourite animal during uncertain COVID-19 times.

We offer four, one-off payment, package options starting from just $25.

(Not all packages are available for all animals)

Package A

  • A personalised photo certificate (sent via email)

Package B

  • A personalised photo certificate (sent via email)
  • A personalised video of the animal (link sent via email), so you can really feel connected

Package C

  • A personalised photo certificate (sent via email)
  • An (adult) park pass to visit your animal (valued at $30)

Package D

  • A personalised photo certificate (sent via email)
  • A personalised video of the animal (link sent via email)
  • An (adult) park pass to visit your animal (valued at $30)


COVID-19 is a good reminder that we all need a daily dose of joy, so don’t forget to share your photo (and video) with your loved ones on your socials – together we can spread love and happiness far and wide!

Perhaps you might like to foster on behalf of someone, maybe as a gift (that keeps on giving!) 

If you are gifting the foster to someone else, please complete the NOTES section. Include their name and your message, so we can personalise it accordingly. We are happy to send it directly to your loved one if you wish – be sure to include their correct email address in the notes section. 

The packages are viewable by choosing an animal from the navigation panel at the top of the page – click at the top to view the animals available for foster.


For 32 years, we proudly operated the park without government assistance, instead relying solely on visitor entry fees. We have never had to ask for help before and it isn’t something we are comfortable doing. But like every Tourism attraction, having to close our doors during the COVID-19 pandemic was both devastating and terrifying. Quality animal care is both costly and time-consuming. We have around 2000 mouths to feed and plenty of ongoing expenses. So we put our pride aside because we knew we were in need of some help.

But we wanted to be able to give as well as receive.

So the Foster Campaign was born!

This opportunity allowed us to stay connected to you, and share the joy of our animals, while receiving some much-appreciated financial support.

After 10 weeks of closure, we were delighted to re-open our doors and share our park with you once again.

But this fight is nowhere near over for us. There is no denying the financial damage we have suffered. And equally concerning, is the uncertain road to recovery for tourism, with international travel being predicted to take several years to recover.

Our road ahead is going to be long and challenging. Now more than ever, we could really use your support.

We will get through this difficult time together! One day, we will be able to fend for ourselves once again. Until then, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. Thank you.

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